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On March 17, 1967, Mary Lynn Thaemert of Arvada, Colorado consented to be the wife of Stuart Oscar Loventhal. They were married in Arvada, Colorado. They had three sons. Jeffrey Michael, born 7/20/67; Brian Keith, born 4/30/69; and Scott Andrew, born 3/23/73. They lived in Colorado until 1976 when they ventured out to California. The family has lived in several areas around the San Francisco Bay Area. After the kids grew up, Stu and Mary moved to New Jersey, but eventually returned to California. They currently live in Brentwood. Stu recently retired from his second career. He was teaching 6th grade Special Education students at a local middle school. Stu and Mary are busy keeping up with all the activities and things to do that a retired persons seems to have. They spend a lot of their time with family and church activities. And of course, Stu loves to "play" with his computers.

On January 11, 1992, Jeff married Ami Diane Zensius in San Ramon, California. They currently live in Walnut Creek. Ami was born 2/07/1971. They have three children, Riley Christoper who was born on 1/30/95 and Maya Patrice born on 3/27/98 and Eliza Laine born on 1/15/2004. Jeff is a Senior Financial Advisor at Chase Bank in San Leandro and Ami is a high school teacher in Walnut Creek. Riley is currently in college at Cal State Chico. Maya is in high school and is very busy with all her activities and sports. Eliza is in 4th grade and is constantly on the go.

On April 25, 1998, Scott married Tiffany Nicole Miller in Dublin, California. Tiffany was born 11/14/1976. They have two children. A daughter, Ashley Nicole born 3/8/2005 and a son, Colin Andrew born 4/3/08. Ashley is your normal happy and active big sister and Colin is just started school this year. Scott currently lives in San Ramon. He is a Senior Fiber Tech for at&t in San Francisco. Scott and Tiffany are divorced.

On September 12, 1998, Brian married Nicole Alix Pessis, in Lafayette, California. Nicole was born 4/15/1972. They currently live in San Jose. They have one child, Caitlin Alix who was born on 10/8/01 and Lindsay Brooke who was born 4/4/2005. Brian is the City Manager for Monte Sereno and Nicole is a Director in IT for New Vine Logistics. Both girls keep very busy with their dancing lessons. Both Brian and Nicole love to do gourmet cooking.

Our Parents

Stuart Oscar Loventhal was born 3/27/1946 to Elaine M. (Blumenthal) and Martin Simon Loventhal Jr. They also had an adopted son Martin Steven Loventhal III. Stu was born in Chicago, Ill. as was Elaine. Martin Jr. was born in Nashville, Tennessee. Martin III was born in Memphis, Tennessee. They moved from Chicago when Stuart was age 3 to Denver, Colorado. They lived in and around Denver up until the time Stuart married Mary Lynn. Elaine was born 9/21/1915 and Martin was born 4/10/1908. They were married on 7/24/1937. Elaine died 5/31/1988 and Martin died 8/1/1988.

Mary Lynn Thaemert was born 9/6/1949 to Bernita Bertha (Hillmer) and Hubert George Thaemert. Mary was born in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Her parents originally were from Silvan Grove, Kansas and moved to Colorado. They had four children. Mary had two sisters (one of which died shortly after birth) and a brother. Her sister Katherine Jean was born on 7/16/1947, and her brother Mark Kenneth was born on 10/14/1952. Bernita was born 4/2/1920 and Hubert was born 12/17/1916. They were married on 4/13/1941. Hubert died on 11/24/1998. Bernita died on 12/10/2010.

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